6 Gates Traditional Barossa Wines

The brand name Six Gates, originates from Shiraz, Persia, the ancient city with six gates where the oldest wines have been traced and where wine and romance are intertwined in many elaborate masterpieces of iconic poets like Omar Khayyam:

And if the Wine you drink, the Lip you press,
End in the Nothing all Things end in–Yes-
Then fancy while Thou art, Thou art but what
Thou shalt be–Nothing–Thou shalt not be less.

Translated by Edward Fitzgerald (1809 – 1883)

Six Gates Shiraz Majnun and Cabernet Leyli are inspired from the legendary love story Leyli and Majnun. The legend is a love story resembling the “Romeo and Juliet” but predating it by about a millennium. The legend is one of the most popular epics of the Orient.

Six Gates also produces wines under the brand Red Pebble to address market demand. Red Pebble is a translation of the indigenous name for Uluru.