The Vineyard

Area 13.8 ha approx. | Planted 11.2 ha approx. | Shiraz 7.3 ha | Cabernet Sauvignon 3.9 ha approx. | Future planting site 2.6 ha approx.

Block # Variety Rootstock Clone Vine Spacing Row Spacing Area Year Planted Pruning
1 Cabernet Sauvignon Own Rooted G9V3 1.8m 3.3m 2.1 1998 Spur
2 Cabernet Sauvignon Own Rooted LC10 1.8m 3.3m 1.63 1999 Spur
3 Shiraz Own Rooted Drycot 1.8m 3.1m 2.1 1998 Spur
4 Shiraz Own Rooted 1654 1.8m 3.1m 5.27 1999 Cane

Six Gates estate occupies a 1 km scenic stretch of fertile land, along the Barossa Valley way in the wine capital of Australia.

Fertile Soil

The soil is essentially uniform across the blocks. It consists of 20-30 cm loam, over 50-60 cm red clay providing the essential water holding capacity. Beneath the clay is well-decayed lime stone acting as a perforating layer that prevents water logging.

Future Expansion

A vacant block with water allocation is intended for planting. The existing winery facility with amenities and current licences are ideal for activating cellar door sales, taking advantage of the scenic location in one of the significant Barossa vine and tourism precincts.



The vineyard is irrigated by dedicated water supplied by Barossa Infrastructure Ltd. Irrigation is scheduled to achieve rich fruit of small berry size and deep colour. An automatically controlled system deliver filtered water at uniform rate and is used for in-line fertilizer delivery.

Given the changes in global weather, water availability has proven crucial to producing premium grapes.


The rows run on a gentle north-facing slope maximizing light capture for producing intense grapes.