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The name Six Gates originates from the six entries to the ancient city of Shiraz. The city lends its name to the grape variety Shiraz which has been developed in Barossa Valley as an icon variety renowned world-wide. Appropriately, ancient Persia is linked to the discovery of the first vessels containing the remains of 7,000 year old wine.( ) 



Six Gates’ Majnun and Leyli are based on the legendary love story Leyli and Majnun. The legend, predating Romeo and Juliet by a thousand years, is the story of the most passionate and immortal love written in many languages and remains one of the most popular epics of the Orient. Both the romance and emotions of this legend fit with our wines that are made exclusively from premium grapes. The most elegant version of Leyli and Majnun has been written by the 12th century poet Nizami Ganjavi and translated by Colin Turner (born 1954 in Forres, Scotland 1954):


Every breeze that blows
brings your scent to me;
Every bird that sings
calls out your name to me;
Every dream that appears
brings your face to me;
Every glance at your face
has left its trace with me.


Translated by Colin Turner (1954- )


The new brands Red Pebble and Gold Dust are inspired by the clean red soil and clear skies of Australian outback, where the natural icon Uluru, or Big Pebble in aboriginal language, outstands in the landscape of mirages and wild fauna. Barossa Valley, the home of our elegant wines, shares the same red earth and sun filled skies. Our wines exhibit deep, rich, vibrant red color, bouquet of ample fruit and powerful palate targeted to wine enthusiasts.